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About the Author

I'm Julie. I'm a licensed psychotherapist who is obsessed with helping people feel more secure. This was my quest too. In my twenties, I went to therapy after a painful breakup, the third, in fact, in which the person I loved let me know I wasn't good enough for him. 

I needed to know, what I was doing that attracted men who didn't really want to be with me. I didn't learn all the pieces of that puzzle at the time. But I did find encouragement to pursue a degree in Psychology. And I met my husband of more than twenty years. So, in that sense, therapy was wildly successful.

Fast forward 15 years, and as a new therapist, I still wondered, why do some of us choose romantic partners who aren't right for us? Why do we feel like we're not good enough in love, work, or social situations? Why are some people secure and others, not so much? 

I began working with a wise and highly skilled therapist-mentor, Robyn Posin. She taught be a form of inner child work that changed everything I knew about love and healing. I realized that many of the cultural "norms" we take for granted actually create insecurity and cause us to devalue ourselves and others.

During that time, I was taking continuing education classes with Stan Tatkin, a pioneer in applying attachment theory to couple relationships. As Stan described the role of early (and later, romantic) attachment in creating security, I realized that my work with Robyn was changing my attachment style from insecure to secure. I was reparenting myself as a secure parent would.

I began sharing these reparenting strategies with my clients. And they shared that they felt more secure.

​Over the years, my clients would say, "You should write a book," or "You should teach a class." So here we are. This site is the beginning of a book and a class. Read on and join the Healthy Secure Adulting community below to see what's next!