Attachment Training for Therapists
- Confidence, Strength, Resilience, Connection -

Is Insecure Attachment at the Heart of Your Adult Clients' Struggles?

Insecure attachment creates the belief "I'm not good enough" which leads to a host of presenting problems including:
  • Difficulty regulating physical and emotional distress, leading to impuslivity and addiction.
  • Feeling like a child in an adult body (imposter syndrome), anxiety and depression.
  • Intense perfectionism and self criticism (striving to win the approval their parents couldn't give).

Transform your practice with Attachment Informed Reparenting™

  • Learn and teach clients the psychobiology of attachment, normalizing emotional reactions, deepening self-compassion and improving self care.
  • Create a strong alliance with the client's inner parent, engaging that part to co-manage transference and repair attachment wounds during and between sessions.
  • Help clients transform perfectionism and self-criticism into self acceptance and self compassion.
  • Help them become the secure parents they always needed.
42% of adults have insecure attachment patterns.
They probably make up 90% of your case load.

Julie Levin, MA, MFT

Julie Levin, MFT Julie is a skilled therapist and educator with over 15 years of clinical experience and over 25 years teaching in academic and corporate settings. Julie developed a process called Attachment Informed Reparenting™ or AIR, integrating the science of neuropsychology and attachment with the practical "how to" process of creating a parent within who provides security through physical and emotional regulation.

AIR heals early attachment wounds and transforms the therapy process, empowering clients, helping them make progress between sessions, shifting diffucult transference-countertransference dynamics, and making the therapy process more enjoyable for you and your clients.

What Clients Say

"I practice everything that you taught me, speaking up and saying what I need to say. I am not afraid (I am lion, hear me roar). I want you to know how very much you helped me become the person that I always wanted to be." - J.E.

"I don't know how to thank you. This year has been transformational. I remember who I was when I walked in, a total stress case. You helped me turn my life around." - R.B.

What Students Say

"Julie is very funny, exceedingly helpful, and a great presenter." - Teresa Allen, MFT

"Julie is a wonderful teacher, well organized, great at pacing, able to explain difficult concepts to novices." - Paula McGuire, MFT

Learn More

Julie is working on a book called Healthy Secure Adulting™, explaining how to reparent using attachment theory as a guide. She is also creating content for a series of courses to help therapists integrate AIR into their practices. Both should be available by Spring, 2019.
  • Get excerpts of the book by visiting her blog.
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The best way to learn is to experience AIR directly. If you're a resident of California, and you would like to become a client, please visit Julie's therapy website.