Become someone you feel really safe with
Be trustworthy.
We are born vunerable, dependent on parents (or parent figures) to attend to our needs. If they are responsive, gentle and dependable, we learn to trust them. We learn what safety feels like in relationships. That learning gets "internalized," meaning, we know it without having to think about it (like riding a bike).

If our parents were not able to respond gently, effectively and dependably to our needs, we learned to compensate. We may act like (and even believe) we don't need others. Or we may know we need others, but believe down deep that we can't depend on people. They will let us down. We must do everything ourselves.​ 
If it's difficult to trust, it may be time to look at whether you are trustworthy to the child inside of you. Do you speak to yourself respectfully? Do you honor your feelings and needs? Do you feel capable of protecting yourself and setting effective, enforceable boundaries?

If not, then this is a good place to learn to give yourself the secure love you've always needed.
Begin with one, small, easy step. Maybe just noticing when you don't feel safe. Give yourself credit any time you notice anxiety, fear, butterflies, unease. What would help you trust yourself in these moments?